Artworks by Ayşenur İlkışık
Artworks by Ayşenur İlkışık

Project: Artworks by Ayşenur İlkışık

Date: 7 Nisan 2021

Website: www.aysenurilkisik.com

Artwork series by Ayşenur İlkışık

“Ayşenur İlkışık considers her peculiar characters and curious floating objects as a part of her identity. Her inspiration strives from her passion of spirituality, mythology, love, nature and intuition but she also flirts with the concept of balance and the expression of the inner-self. The roots of most of her paintings translate classic to modern, stories of awakening and thrive in a world of incomprehensible joy, experience and hope.”

With the new serie of original drawings by Ayşenur İlkışık, made on paper or limited edition prints, now you can have them on your office, residence or in your shop,

For more information or to make order please contact from aysenur@depocreative.com or +90 212 325 61 56