Selenium Retro9 Ataköy by Aşçıoğlu

Ascioglu Group has completed Selenium Retro 9 and will make 1,100 units of housing, office and stores on 180 thousand square meter construction area with a total investment of 315 million dollars in 5 years.

Their 3rd project in Ataköy, Selenium Retro 9, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, is the address of 50 years of experience in the real estate sector Aşçıoğlu, Aşçıoğlu Group Chairman Yaşar Aşçıoğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Irfan Aşçıoğlu, Member of the Board of Directors Emrah Kahraman’s Cenk Aşçıoğlu and Sales and Marketing Manager attended the press conference.