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Saklıyaz Hotel Datça Logo & Identity design for the Saklıyaz Hotel located in Saklı Bay, Datça.

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Lokman Hekim

The perception we have imagined is that we have designed our new corporate identity to help the organization be recognized and accepted as "seeds of a healthy future" and to publish with the new corporate identity

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We identify the fundamental purpose behind an project to create a generative and sustainable brand narrative. This unique point of view allows us to create distinctive and unifying platforms that bring strategic clarity to brand positioning and messaging, visual identity systems, conceptual physical environments, and consumer packaging. Our passion is to bring compelling ideas to life, invigorate brands, give a creative point of view and help businesses grow.

Selenium Retro9 Ataköy Lansman

New Aşçıoğlu project, Selenium RETRO9 was launched at Swiss Hotel Bhosphorus. We have designed and prepared our launch designs, stage, POP, corporate & brand communication designs for launch presentation of Selenium brands third Ataköy project of Aşçıoğlu Group.

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Lokman Hekim Health Foundation | Our donation and support

We are proud to donate with designing the new Corporate Identity & Web Design for Lokman Hekim Health Foundation

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‘Jewel & Art’ – Art Project by Ayşenur İlkışık

Art Project

With Mulaj Jewellery Design based in Istanbul, Ayşenur İlkışık has developed an art project for their coming season with new and brilliantly unique design of jewels. According to their jewel designs and standarts, the ‘Jewel & Art’ project aim to express their quality, trustable background and how they touch to people’s heart with precious energies and uniqeness of jewels and gold. İlkışık’s last art project for Mulaj, ‘Jewel & Art’ –  touches to hearts with ‘light’ of art…  —-   www.aysenurilkisik.com


“Like Art, Jewellery is a very personal thing… Every piece should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it. With art of jewellery you can leave a little sparkle wherever you go…”